The last thing you want to happen when you are on your way to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner is to have your evening come to a screeching halt due to a car accident. When you are in an accident that another driver caused, you have legal rights. However, knowing when the other driver is at fault and how to collect your damages can be difficult to do, especially after you’ve been through the trauma of an accident. In this article, we’ll explore the most common causes of collisions on the road today and how the right car accident attorney can help.

Distracted Driving

Michael L. Chambers Jr.

Michael L. Chambers Jr., Car Accident Lawyer

The leading cause of accidents today is distracted driving, which causes an estimated eight deaths each day on roads in the United States. Distracted driving means engaging in any activity while driving that takes your attention away from the road, ranging from the use of cell phones to simply talking to passengers.

If you are traveling at fifty-five miles per hour and take your attention off of the road for the amount of time it takes to send a text message, it is like closing your eyes while driving the length of a football field. When another driver was distracted for any reason and caused a collision and injuries, you can hold them liable for the damages the accident caused.

There are three main types of distraction from the road:

  • Visual – when you take your eyes off of the road
  • Manual – when your hands are off the wheel
  • Cognitive – when your mind is off of driving

If another driver used a smartphone before the collision with your vehicle, that distracted driver should have to cover your losses. However, you will need to prove the driver’s liability for their insurance to provide the coverage you need.

It is not likely that a driver will openly admit that they were texting or otherwise distracted, so you might have to prove their liability in other ways. This is why having a car accident attorney on your side as soon as possible can help to result in the best possible outcome in your case. Your attorney knows how to collect the evidence you need to best support your distracted driving claim.

Impaired Driving

One of the first things a new driver learns is how dangerous – and illegal – driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be. Drunk driving causes thousands of accidents and injuries each year, and about one-third of fatal crashes involve impaired drivers. The fact is that drunk driving is always entirely preventable, and there is no excuse for people to make these decisions and change the lives of others in this manner.

Often, you know another driver was impaired by how they acted at the accident scene or because police officers arrested them for operating under the influence (OUI). If a driver receives a conviction of OUI, your attorney can use that as evidence to prove liability for your losses.

Fatigue Can Lead to Unsafe Driving

Common Causes Of CollisionsDriving while drowsy or fatigued is more dangerous than many people think, with 697 people killed by drowsy driving in one recent year alone. Drowsy driving crashes are particularly common among commercial drivers.

According to federal regulations, commercial drivers must abide by a higher standard of care when it comes to alert driving and having adequate rest before working. Large trucks are heavier and higher than normal cars and can run over motor vehicles in accidents, causing significant damage and injury.

Given the increased risk associated with large trucks, their drivers must take enough time between shifts to get adequate rest so that they are not engaging in drowsy or fatigued driving. When drivers are drowsy and cause collisions, they are responsible for any related damages, and their employers can share liability.

Anyone can be driving while drowsy, and it can be difficult to demonstrate – or even know – when a driver is over-tired. These are questions that you might not have the ability to ask, or the insurance company might seek to prevent you from gaining this information. Your attorney will work for you every step of the way to ensure that they collect the evidence you need to obtain the fullest possible damages in your case.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving and road rage have become huge problems on the roads and highways of the U.S. in recent years. Not only are many drivers speeding, tailgating, and swerving between lanes, but some are even displaying weapons and otherwise threatening other drivers.

Aggressive driving usually involves several traffic violations, and if you are in an accident with an angry or raging driver, do not confront them. Instead, call the police and then let your car accident attorney gather evidence of their wrongdoing so you can hold them fully accountable for your injuries.

Connect with a Car Accident Attorney You Can Trust

When you are driving along being safe and paying attention to the road, it is not likely possible for you to anticipate an accident or know exactly what happened in the moments leading up to the crash. Knowing when another driver was engaging in distracted driving or if they were driving under the influence can be difficult to determine when you have just been through a traumatic car accident.

This is where the value of a car accident attorney comes into play. Your attorney knows what questions to ask and the evidence to collect in support of your case so you can prove liability for the collision and your injuries.

You might not be sure whether you have a valid car accident claim, and the best way to find out is by reaching out for a free case evaluation with a respected law firm that handles car accident claims. Protect your rights today.