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In the wake of losing a loved one, a Waterbury wrongful death lawyer can provide the essential guidance and support you need during this difficult time. Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing is a traumatic and overwhelming experience, and seeking legal assistance may be the last thing on your mind.

Our Waterbury wrongful death law firm specializes in navigating these complex situations to ensure your legal rights are upheld. No amount of money can replace a life, but financial restitution can help alleviate some of the stress and burden associated with a loved one’s passing.

Michael L. Chambers, Jr.: Waterbury Wrongful Death Lawyer

With more than 15 years of extensive experience, our dedicated team is committed to providing your case with the utmost personalized attention it deserves.

We understand that in this trying period, you are in need of compassionate assistance that goes beyond a mere transactional relationship. Therefore, we prioritize your unique situation, aiming to lift the weight off your shoulders in dealing with insurance companies and other legal complexities.

Our focus is to provide you with the support you require, allowing you to concentrate on moving forward from this unfortunate incident. To begin this journey toward justice, please contact us for a free consultation, where we can start to steer you toward a path of resolution and peace.

Meet Your Waterbury Wrongful Death Attorney

Michael L. Chambers Jr.
I was born to Michael Sr. and Marjorie Chambers — a couple who ventured from Jamaica to the U.S. in pursuit of better opportunities. My parent’s story and enduring marriage of 42 years have shaped my values around pursuing a more personal connection with my clients.

As a tenacious wrongful death attorney in Waterbury, I understand the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one unexpectedly and prematurely. My strong family upbringing fuels my passion to support you, and ensure the well-being of your loved ones during such trying times.

My journey in law started at the prestigious Quinnipiac School of Law and reached its culmination with my graduation in 2004. I take pride in having successfully cleared the Connecticut and New York Bar exams, and I am currently authorized to practice law in Connecticut.

During my time at Trinity College, I specialized in Political Science, with a focus on American Government. However, for the past two decades, I have dedicated myself to private practice. It has been incredibly fulfilling.

Alongside my dedicated team, we strive to meet the daily challenge of serving our community by providing the highest standard of legal service. Losing a loved one is a tragedy, but navigating the complexities of a wrongful death case shouldn’t be.

How Our Waterbury Wrongful Death Law Firm Can Help

Although no amount of money can fill the void left by the loss of a loved one, it can help ease the transition into a new reality without them. It is important to recognize that surviving family members have the option to seek compensation through separate legal actions unrelated to wrongful death. 

Additionally, the representative of the estate can also pursue compensation:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can pose a significant financial burden in the aftermath of a loved one’s untimely death, particularly if they received extensive medical treatment prior to their passing. These costs can include everything from emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medication, and even palliative care.

Punitive Damages

Sometimes, the actions leading to a wrongful death are more than just negligent; they are grossly reckless or display a clear disregard for the safety of others. In these cases, punitive damages may be awarded as a way of punishing the offender and deterring similar behavior in the future.

Though not always applicable, our attorneys will diligently assess your case to determine if seeking punitive damages is a viable option. Our goal is not only to seek justice for your loved one but also to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Funeral Costs

The cost of arranging a memorial or funeral can be overwhelming, particularly when dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one. These expenses can include, but are not limited to, costs associated with the funeral service, burial or cremation, and the purchase of a headstone or urn.

If you’ve lost a loved one in Waterbury due to someone else’s negligence, please don’t delay in contacting us. Our compassionate team of Waterbury wrongful death attorneys will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. Call us for a free consultation to address any questions and receive expert legal advice.

Important Initial Advice!

In the devastating aftermath of a wrongful death, it’s imperative to understand the necessary steps to safeguard your legal rights. The course of action you choose can largely influence the outcome of your case.

If you find yourself here, it’s possibly because someone you hold dear has suffered a tragic end due to the actions or negligence of another party. We acknowledge the depth of your anguish and are committed to providing expert advice.

Here are some critical points to remember during this challenging period:

  • Exercise caution with social media: It may be instinctive to seek consolation from your social network. However, refrain from posting any information or images relating to the case online. Innocuous posts can unexpectedly jeopardize the case.
  • Be cautious with insurance companies: As tempting as it may be to expedite the process, it’s essential to be careful while interacting with insurance companies. Their interests are not always aligned with yours, and any statement you make could be used against you. For guidance on communicating with insurance representatives, reach out to our law office at 860-231-9535.
  • Don’t rush into settlements: Insurance companies often press for a quick resolution to evade paying full compensation. As overwhelming as the situation might be, resist the urge to settle hastily. Early offers are frequently lower than the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Our Waterbury wrongful death lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate these challenging times — let us manage the legal intricacies while you focus on remembrance.


In Connecticut, the law dictates that a wrongful death claim must be filed within two years from the date of the loved one’s passing. This timeline can be affected by the “discovery rule”, which may extend the deadline to two years from the date when the cause of death was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered.

It is crucial to understand that missing this deadline can severely impact your ability to receive any financial compensation for your loss. If a wrongful death claim is filed outside the statute of limitations, the defense can request that the court dismiss it, and it is likely that the court will comply.

Although two years might seem like an ample amount of time, it is in the estate’s best interest to engage the services of a Waterbury wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

Having a capable attorney on your side ensures a comprehensive individual investigation and the collection of the necessary evidence to build a robust wrongful death case against those responsible for your loved one’s untimely demise.

Statute Of Limitations In Connecticut

Gathering Evidence

Collecting evidence is a critical aspect of building a compelling wrongful death case. The evidence you gather should ideally prove the four key elements of a claim:

  • Duty: Did the defendant owe a duty of care to the deceased? Every individual has a legal obligation to act in a manner that does not harm others.
  • Breach: Did the defendant breach this duty? Proving a breach of duty involves demonstrating that the defendant acted (or failed to act) in a way that a reasonable person would not have in the same circumstances.
  • Causation: Was the defendant’s breach of duty the proximate cause of your loved one’s death? It’s essential to show that the defendant’s negligence directly resulted in the loss.
  • Damages: What damages resulted from the defendant’s negligence? This can include financial, emotional, and psychological harm to the survivors.

Evidence to support these points might include medical records, eyewitness statements, photographs from the accident scene, and expert testimony.

We understand the immense pain and stress you’re enduring, and the last thing we want is to add to your burden. Collecting evidence can be a complex and demanding process, especially when you’re dealing with the emotional aftermath of a devastating loss. That’s why we strongly recommend you reach out to our law firm.

Our skilled lawyers are experienced in evidence collection and will take up the task, allowing you to focus on grieving and healing. We are committed to doing the hard work for you, fighting tirelessly to ensure justice for your loved one, and securing the compensation your family rightfully deserves.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

We firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to fight for justice and compensation, irrespective of their financial circumstances. To that end, we operate strictly on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay absolutely nothing unless we secure a win for your case.

We understand that the untimely passing of a loved one can significantly impact your financial stability, adding to your existing stress.

We encourage you not to let monetary concerns deter you from pursuing compensation. If you’re in Waterbury, Connecticut, and require a committed, compassionate, and credible wrongful death attorney to represent you, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. We’re here to support you at every step of the healing journey!

Why Choose Us Over Other Wrongful Death Attorneys in Waterbury, CT?

Choosing the right wrongful death attorney is crucial, particularly when families are dealing with the profound grief of losing a loved one. This is a gravely challenging time when the technicalities of a wrongful death case can be overwhelming. We not only file legal claims on your behalf but also subpoena crucial records and depose relevant parties.

Our team of wrongful death attorneys in Waterbury specializes in an array of tasks, including:

  • Investigating the incident
  • Collecting and organizing evidence of negligence
  • Determining liability for wrongful death
  • Analyzing complex claim documents
  • Proving general and special damages
  • Demanding financial compensation from insurance companies
  • Proceeding to trial, if necessary

To prove negligence on the part of the responsible party, our attorneys rely on the expertise of expert witnesses. Our team employs consultants who conduct independent investigations into the accident, gathering pivotal evidence. We meticulously analyze the evidence presented by the opposing counsel and fearlessly confront formidable defendants.

Of course, the value of someone’s life is not lost on us. We ensure that the court comprehends the true impact of the loss by presenting diverse forms of evidence that illustrate how the death has devastated surviving family members.

What Clients Think of Us

Best attorney ever

“He truly cares about his clients, and he is more than willing to go above and beyond to help them. He has a great team behind him as well. I have referred friends and family to Michael Jr. and all of them have been so grateful for his services.”

Exceptional legal representation!

“Attorney Chambers provided exceptional legal representation during a trying time for me and my family. He was compassionate, empathetic, and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend him for any legal services.”

A true professional

“Attorney Chambers is a true professional who genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being.* He walked us through the entire process of filing a wrongful death claim and made sure we understood every step of the way.”

Services We Offer ​

Our wrongful death lawyers in Waterbury are well-versed across a variety of personal injury areas:

Hartford Connecticut Car Accident Lawyer
Car Accidents
In the past few years, the State of Connecticut reported more than 350,000 traffic crashes involving over 820,000 people. About 27,000 of these crashes happened in Hartford and the surrounding areas, involving 57,600 of our neighbors and leaving many of them with injuries and overwhelming losses. Our law firm is here to help you pick up the pieces after a serious crash by seeking the compensation you deserve from the at-fault parties.
Hartford Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Motorcycle Accident
Connecticut has more than 85,000 registered motorcycles, and many more out-of-state visitors ride through the state during the year. Motorcyclists are always at risk of suffering severe injuries due to their relative lack of protection. Even a DOT-approved helmet cannot protect you from head trauma 100 percent of the time.

If a driver hits you on your motorcycle or you crash due to defective parts or dangerous roads, you should look into seeking compensation from the at-fault party.

Hartford Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Injuries
Pedestrian Accident
Hartford is a walking-friendly city, though anyone walking is at risk of a pedestrian accident and injuries. Distracted drivers are often responsible for these crashes, but other forms of negligence can also lead to severe injuries to pedestrians. Pedestrians often need emergency medical help and ongoing care for one or multiple traumatic injuries.
Hartford Connecticut Truck Accident Injuries
Truck Accident
​Connecticut sees its share of commercial truck crashes and many of these result in serious injuries or fatalities. Two-thirds of fatal injuries from truck accidents in the state happen to occupants of other vehicles, which are generally much smaller than semi-trucks. There are many different causes of truck accidents, and liable parties can include the truck driver, trucking company, and others.
Hartford Connecticut Wrongful Death
Personal Injuries
No matter the injury or situation, whether it’s from a car or truck accident to a medical malpractice or wrongful death, we have highly qualified attorneys that will compassionately fight for your rights and compensation.
Hartford Connecticut TBI Head Injuries
Brain Injury / TBI
Brain injuries are often catastrophic conditions that can leave you with permanent impairments. The effects of a brain injury can include medical expenses, lost income if you cannot work, rehabilitation costs, assistance at home, cognitive or physical disabilities, and much more. These complex injuries lead to complex claims, and you need sophisticated legal representation.
Hartford Connecticut Medical Negligence Injury
Medical Malpractice
Medical professionals have a strict standard of care for good reason, as we put our health and safety in their hands. If a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or hospital falls below this standard of care, you can suffer serious and life-changing injuries. These can happen due to misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication errors, birth trauma, and more. Holding medical professionals accountable is a difficult feat, and you need the right legal assistance.

Other Practice Areas

Waterbury Bicyle Accident Lawyer

Catastrophic Injuries

Slip and falls

Premises liability

Dog bites

Workplace accidents

Spinal Cord Injuries

Child Injuries

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Dealing with the heart-wrenching loss of a loved one is a difficult process. Each family copes with this profound loss in their own unique way. Pursuing a wrongful death claim may feel overwhelming, but engaging a skilled lawyer for wrongful death can help alleviate the pressure.

Objective legal representation can make your involvement in the case less emotionally taxing and more manageable. Powerful defendants and insurance companies might attempt to exploit your emotional state and intentionally frustrate you, nullifying your case. A well-trained attorney can act as a bulwark against these manipulative tactics, ensuring your case remains unscathed.

If your loved one’s life was tragically cut short due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, our law office is here to assist you. We are always available to address any questions you may have about your situation and provide legal advice.

Our Waterbury lawyers have 15+ years experience working wrongful death cases and are committed to fighting for your rights, while keeping your family’s interest at the forefront. You can call us today at (860)-231-9535 for your free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation, during which we can discuss your case.

General Information on Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims allow bereaved family members to seek financial compensation after the untimely death of a close relative. The party responsible for negligence resulting in the fatal injury is held accountable for compensating the surviving relatives who initiated the claim. Surviving family members can seek compensation for economic damages, such as funeral and burial expenses.

Wrongful death cases, unlike criminal cases, are civil actions. Their main purpose is to hold negligent parties accountable for causing a death. Even if the defendant is convicted of manslaughter or murder, the deceased’s family must file a separate wrongful death claim in a different court.

Family members have the option to pursue a wrongful death claim while the defendant is being criminally prosecuted. Whether the cause is negligence or intentional malicious acts like violent aggression, wrongful death claims provide a viable legal recourse.

Claims and Causes

The key difference between a wrongful death claim and a personal injury claim is that the victim’s life was cut short due to the injury or their inability to receive necessary care to survive.

Wrongful death and murder differ significantly. Wrongful death refers to an untimely demise caused by an accident, negligence, or reckless actions. In contrast, murder involves intentional actions to end another person’s life.

Wrongful death claims cover various scenarios, including medical malpractice, fatal car accidents, and negligence cases. The law treats all parties equally, whether they are individuals, corporations, or highly-paid medical professionals. Accountability is upheld for irresponsible actions or inactions that cause a person’s demise.

Note that a criminal investigation is not a prerequisite for filing a wrongful death claim, and conversely, a wrongful death claim does not necessitate a criminal investigation. Wrongful death can be a tragic outcome of various types of accidents.

Common Accidents Resulting In Wrongful Death Claims


Tragically, a wide variety of accidents can lead to wrongful deaths:


  • Accidents at work
  • Criminal acts
  • Accidents on someone else’s property
  • Accidents at sea or in pools
  • Accidents due to poison
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Trucking accidents
  • Neglect or abuse in nursing homes
  • Exposure to harmful substances
  • Defective products
  • Car accidents
Hartford Wrongful Death Truck Accidents
Semi-Truck Accident
Semi-truck accidents, a distinct category within motor vehicle accidents, pose unique risks due to their size and weight. Factors like driver errors, mechanical failures, and inclement weather can contribute to these devastating accidents, often resulting in severe injuries or loss of life.
Defective Product Wrongful Death lawyer
Defective Products
If a manufacturing company releases a faulty product to consumers, they can be held accountable for any fatalities caused by the product. Defective medical devices, contaminated food products, and malfunctioning machinery are a few instances of hazardous products that can result in wrongful deaths.
Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accidents in Hartford
Pedestrian Accident
Automobile accidents involving pedestrians can be fatal. The weight disparity between vehicles and pedestrians makes collisions life-threatening. Pedestrians lack protective mechanisms, increasing the risk of fatalities from automobile strikes.
Dog Bites
Dogs, with their large size and fluffy appearance, are often seen as loyal protectors. However, it’s important to acknowledge that some dogs can display aggression. A sudden dog bite can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. Dog owners have the responsibility to control their pet’s behavior, whether by using a leash or keeping them confined to their property.
Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyer in Hartford
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of wrongful death cases. Whether caused by distracted driving, impaired driving, or reckless behavior, the impacts are often devastating. The severity of the injuries sustained in such accidents can vary from minor to fatal, depending on the circumstances surrounding each incident.
Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Lawyers
Medicine Malpractice
Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to meet the established standard of care, resulting in a patient’s death. Examples include incorrect diagnosis, surgical errors, prescribing wrong or harmful medication, and neglecting patient concerns.
Wrongful Death Workplace Accident Lawyer
Workplace Accidents
Workplace accidents can occur in any industry, but they are particularly prevalent in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and transportation. These accidents often stem from a lack of safety measures, failure to provide adequate training, or usage of faulty equipment. In such cases, an employer can be held liable for their negligence if it results in a wrongful death.

Who May File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Specific local statutes dictate who is eligible to bring a wrongful death claim against a defendant. It is worth noting that not everyone is permitted to file such a claim. According to the law, only particular relatives of the deceased may bring wrongful death claims:

  • The surviving spouse or domestic partner
  • Surviving children
  • Minor children or stepchildren
  • The deceased’s parents
  • Children of an unofficial spouse
  • Any party entitled to the property under the laws of intestate succession

In certain situations, unofficial spouses might only be allowed to proceed with a wrongful death action if they can provide proof of financial dependence on the decedent.

Not every scenario outlined above might be eligible for a wrongful death claim. The complexities of each case necessitate the expertise of an experienced wrongful death attorney to examine the circumstances thoroughly. Each case presents unique challenges and every individual involved has unique needs.

While your family grapples with the profound loss of a loved one gone too soon, let our team shoulder the burden of legal proceedings and information gathering to substantiate a wrongful death claim.

If your loved one’s life was cut short due to the careless or reckless actions of another, reach out to us today for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

Injuries that can lead to a wrongful death

Car accidents are a leading cause of wrongful deaths. However, it’s important to note that fatalities may not always occur immediately at the scene. Negligent or reckless behavior can lead to injuries that claim lives in the hours, days, or weeks following the accident. Sometimes, medical professionals may initially overlook critical injuries that later escalate, resulting in tragic fatalities.

Examples of severe injuries that can lead to wrongful deaths include:

Broken Bones

If the bone is not fully gathered and aligned, there is a risk of small bone fragments traveling through the body and piercing vital organs. The heart, lungs, and intestines are particularly susceptible to damage caused by broken ribs. If a broken bone punctures these vital organs, it can be life-threatening.

Internal Injuries

Hidden internal injuries are often insidious, causing damage that, while initially unnoticeable, can rapidly progress to become life-threatening. These injuries can result from blunt force trauma in accidents, leading to conditions such as internal bleeding, organ damage, or rupture. If left untreated, they can lead to complications including coma, seizures, and even death.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often result from severe bumps, blows, or jolts to the head that cause disruptions in the brain’s normal functioning. The location of the impact on the brain can greatly influence the outcome, with some injuries potentially leading to immediate death.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For A Wrongful Death?

Individuals directly linked to the deceased’s demise might face allegations in a wrongful death lawsuit. For instance, in an accident involving a commercial truck and a passenger car, various parties could be held accountable for the decedent’s passing, depending on the accident’s cause.

Causes may involve driver errors, impairment, sudden shifts in trailer loads, inadequate truck maintenance, or faulty vehicle parts.

Those potentially liable for wrongful death in such circumstances could be:

  • Truck operator
  • Truck driver’s employer, particularly if the driver lacked proper training
  • Truck owner, if neither the driver’s employer nor the driver owns the vehicle
  • Maintenance firm responsible for the truck’s upkeep
  • Manufacturer of the truck and its components
  • Company accountable for loading and securing the truck’s trailer contents

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